Invisalign® treats a range of straightening issues, ranging from minor tooth movements to more complex cases. Whatever the issue, the result is a new,...

13 Jun 2016

Invisible braces, clear braces,clear aligners ...

If you want a gorgeous smile and straight teeth, but don’t want the show of metal braces, clear brace...

13 Jun 2016

Your oral health is more important than you may realize. Get the facts about how the health of your mouth, teeth and gums may affect your general hea...

7 Jun 2016

According to the British Dental association, up to 80% of British people are not happy with their smiles. Since there are a greater number of safe cos...

6 Jun 2016

Everyone would like to have a perfect smile, but nature is rarely so accommodating. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who never needed braces, the...

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