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Is staining affecting your teeth?

Air polish cosmetic clean

Quick Procedure
Painless & Comfortable
Tartar & Stain Removal

Brighter & Whiter Teeth

Long Lasting Polished Look

Keeps Teeth & Gums Healthy



Royal Arsenal Dentists_ Dental Hygien
Royal Arsenal Dentists_ Dental Hygien



* The Airflow Polish Clean treatment is
provided only as an add-on
to the regular hygiene sessions

Dental Hygiene

A healthy mouth every 3-6 months.
Regular hygiene appointments to clean and polish your teeth are the cornerstones of any great smile and foundations of oral health. At Royal Arsenal Dentist, we offer high quality hygiene therapy sessions, we will care for your dental health in the most gentle, thorough and pleasant manner. Our hygienists will give you advice on how you can take care of your oral hygiene at home, by explaining proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques.

Our Dental Hygiene Treatments

You can now see the hygienist without having to see the dentist first!
Classic Smile Clean
thorough clean


for regular attenders.

Diamond Smile Clean
thorough clean


Ideal for first time visit

or if you have stained teeth.

AquaCare AirFlow
Tartar and Stain

 The Airflow Polish Clean treatment is
provided only as an add-on
to the regular hygiene sessions.

Dental Hygienists role?


Dental hygienists educate patients on relevant oral health topics such as caring for your gums and teeth, dietary habits and health conditions.


They remove calculus deposits and stains from your teeth and apply decay preventing agents and recommend products for home use.


They work with your dentist to plan
an oral health maintenance program, including assessment of your periodontal (gum) health, evaluation of radio-graphs and review your medical history.

Airflow Polishing

What is Airflow polishing?

Airflow polishing is an advanced version of a scaling and polish and a new hygiene treatment. The Airflow polishing system shoots a high pressured blast of water, bicarbonate (available in many fresh flavours), and air through a small nozzle onto the surfaces of the teeth

and has been proven to be an effective tool at removing stains and plaque.

Airflow polishing is also an ideal way of cleaning before procedures that require bonding and the use of sealants as it removes nearly

100% of bacteria. It is an effective way of removing stains and discolourations caused by smoking or drinking red wine, tea or coffee as it whitens teeth thoroughly removing dental plaque. This highly efficient technique improves patient comfort by polishing without direct contact, pressure, heat or noise.

Air flow polishing is completely safe to use with dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges.

Get your gentle and pleasant Airflow polishing treatment

with KAVO PROPHYpearls.

Available in orange flavours.

Royal Arsenal Dentists_ Dental Hygien


Royal Arsenal Dentists_ Dental Hygien


O% Finance Now Available

& Low Cost Payment Plans

We now offer Interest Free Finance and Low Cost Payment Plans to help make it easier
for you to afford the treatments you want.


There are no hidden costs and a deposit is not necessary!

You can borrow between £350 and £50,000.

You must be over 21 to apply. Subject to status. 

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